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  • Bifocal +1.0 (Gauge Reader)
Prescription Lenses for ScubaPro Solara, Sherwood Magnum 2, Genesis SL Scuba Dive Masks (Pair)
Product ID: OP250

Price: $ 54.95

Prescription Right/OD :

Prescription Left/OS :


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  Prescription / Corrective Lenses for Snorkeling and Scuba Diving Mask



GetWetStore offers a complete line of affordable prescription lenses for dive masks. These 'stock' negative, positive, bifocal prescription lenses only fit certain masks. These corrective lenses are designed for off-the-shelf correction. These lenses are not for those with more complicated vision problems such as astigmatism (correction needed for both near and far away) or double vision

A pair of prescription lenses compatible with:
ScubaPro Solara Mask
Tusa Liberator Plus (TM-5700)
Sherwood MA20 Magnum 2 Mask
Genesis SL SM4700 Mask
XS Scuba MA600 Metro Mask
XS Scuba Z Duo Mask
Promate Scope MK245 Mask
Promate Scanner MK250 Mask
Promate Super Scanner MK450 Mask
Promate Pro Scanner MK650 Mask
Deep See Focus Mask
Tilos Universal, Universal II Masks
ScubaMax MK121 Navigator Mask

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